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Cultivating a forgotten region of Guatemala

Sowing Opportunities seeks to cultivate self-sustainability, education, and wellness in rural Guatemala — one village at a time.

We provide the tools for indigenous families in remote Guatemala to have safety and food security in their communities.

“I’m not just thanking you for the greenhouses. You give us more than we can see. You’re giving us respect, when no one else has. We’re forgotten by the world.”
- Jeremías García Coy

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Your generous donations allow Sowing Opportunities to continue to cultivate self-sustainability in rural Guatemala.

Help us with fundraising, grant writing, online communications, marketing, accounting, upcoming events, and more.

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Sowing Opportunities 2023 Annual Report

Watch Sowing Opportunities’ 2.5-minute video of its 2023 Annual Report to know its achievements in 2023 and plans for 2024.

Sowing Opportunities 2022 Annual Report

Sowing Opportunities Innovative Solutions Campaign, which started in 2022, has mapped out a 3-Phase plan to create Sustainability, and help reduce Poverty and Malnutrition in the Eastern Highlands of Guatemala.

We are beginning with a third village in January 2024.

What's New

A story about how a life has been transformed

Jeremías García Coy lives with his wife, Marta Molina Choc, in the hamlet of Salaguna, Guatemala.  Jeremías, having worked outside the village since he was 12 years old, learned Spanish through his work; school was not offered when he was a young boy.  Jeremías and Marta married when they were 21 and have an 11-year-old

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Against All Odds: One of 45

When our team arrived in Salaguna, Guatemala in January 2023, we had determined that we had the budget to work collaboratively with 30 new families in this second village.  To our team’s surprise, in this destitute village where most of the families are led by women, 15 additional women with their babies in tow approached

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"This work provides a great blessing for the people of Chajmaic, as it gives [this village of 1,600] hope and determination to come together as one big family. "
- Hector Ricardo San José

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