Agricultural solutions address migration due to poverty and lack of economic opportunities

In April 2021 U.S. Vice-President Kamala Harris met with Guatemala President Alejandro Giammattei to discuss “the causes of irregular migration and that cause Guatemalans to leave their homes in search of better development opportunities.” (  The reason for their virtual meeting was to discuss “shared commitment to expand opportunities in Guatemala and in the region,” according to President Giammattei. 

Click here to watch a video on the overview of Sowing Opportunities’ agricultural solution to dangerous migration to escape poverty and climate change.

Climate change, including flooding from hurricanes as well as extreme and constant drought, is causing many Guatemalans to flee their homes and seek refuge in the north, making dangerous journeys to the U.S., sometimes undocumented.

In her meeting with Guatemala President Giammattei, Vice-President Kamala Harris referred to “factors that we call fundamental causes of migration, such as poverty and lack of economic opportunities, extreme weather and the lack of measures that adapt to climate change, corruption and lack of good governance.” (

The U.S. government is pledging the following: “To strengthen the Guatemalan agricultural sector, it will provide US $25 million. It will facilitate access to financing that will allow farmers to rebuild their livelihoods at home in Guatemala.” (La Hora)

Sowing Opportunities has an agricultural solution to climate change with the intention of reducing food insecurity, reducing the cycle of poverty, and addressing unemployment through targeted and proven agricultural methods that produce high yield within a short period of time in any climate situation.  Towards this goal, we are sending our expert agricultural engineer to the remote indigenous village of Chajmaic, Guatemala for the months of March through May 2022, for Phase 1 of our Innovative Solutions to Create Sustainability.

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