Guatemala Travelogue, May 2022

This is a travelogue of Fern’s visit to Guatemala for the purpose of advancing the Innovative Solutions to Create Sustainability project for Chajmaic, Guatemala.

Please see May 14, 2022 newsletter for details on the visit to Chajmaic.

Details about giving envelopes with $25 each participant can be found at this page.

Yesterday Fern witnessed the harvest of 30 families’ individual greenhouses after Sowing Opportunities contracted an agricultural engineer in March so that, for the first time in its history, the families are growing food and will have a livelihood in their own village.  They were extremely grateful and held  a party.

The family participants were extremely grateful and created a sign of appreciation in Qʼeqchiʼ and English.
Federico Arriola Cuéllar with Fern at one of the homes of the 30 greenhouse participants
Each of the 30 greenhouses have an abundance of plant growth. Here, you see purple, Romaine and green lettuce in the foreground and macuy in the background.
Corn grown in bags has much greater capacity with less work and less time.                                                                                             




This photo is from Travelogue of Fern’s visit to Guatemala for the purpose of advancing the Water for Life project for Chajmaic, Guatemala (page 6) December 21, 2018: Incredible visit to Chajmaic today   






Details of the harvest are on this page.



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