How Sowing Opportunities Helps Inhabitants in Unfarmable Land to Build Greenhouses

High in the mountains of the Eastern Highlands in Alta Verapaz, Guatemala, there are disparate villages with mountains in-between.  In an area of scarce resources, rocky soil, and no tourist commerce, Sowing Opportunities works with 75 families – nearly 500 people – to create greenhouses that now feed them year round.

The greenhouses were created by the inhabitants of two villages – Chajmaic and Salaguna – with found materials and with resources provided by Sowing Opportunities.

The inhabitants – in Salaguna, mostly women – worked together to cut and separate the plastic ground cover for the greenhouses and

plastic tarp for greenhouse roofing to protect from the elements, as well as

iron arches for the roofs.

Our team also delivered proprietary Sowing Opportunities fertilizer and insecticide products and a color-coded schedule of what to use on which day, which can be used even by those who cannot read or write.  Women participants received them, even while carrying their babies on their backs:

And, most importantly, our team delivered seedlings, corn kernels, and soil:

and expert tech training of how to grow vegetables in greenhouses – how deep, how far apart, how much to water, how many days apart to apply (organic) fertilizer (made from chicken manure) and (organic) insecticide:

The result of their cultivation is that they can make regular harvests,

Harvest of Elvira Chub Chub
Harvest of Delfina Cucul Chub
Greenhouse of Consuelo Chóc

We can’t do this without your help.  You can make your donation at .  Thank you so much for making a difference in this world!

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