The strength of Sowing Opportunities’ infrastructure

We at Sowing Opportunities realize that life is very difficult throughout Guatemala right now.  People need democracy and are willing to make personal sacrifices to achieve it. 

In August, President-elect Bernardo Arévalo and his political party, Semilla, won by a landslide victory in Guatemala, with promises to be the anti-corruption president.  He is due to be inaugurated on January 14, 2024.

However, the current government has set up obstacles to the peaceful transition of power.  Attorney General Porras has tried to suspend the president-elect’s political party.  With the help of police, Porras’ agents raided the offices of both Semilla and the Tribunal which oversaw the election and certified its results.  President Alejandro Giammattei is widely believed to back Porras’ actions.         

Guatemala Protesters Block Highways After Arévalo Denounces ‘Coup’ – Bloomberg

In support of Arévalo, thousands of Guatemalans demonstrated in front of the courthouse, among them the country’s leading Catholic Church authority and notable indigenous and civil society leaders. Protesters demanded the resignation of Porras.  Days later, Arévalo’s supporters expanded their protests across the country, blocking key highways and again calling for Porras’ resignation.   

President Giammattei called for the end of the blockades, which have essentially stopped the economy, including tourism, across Guatemala.  The blockades have prevented the movement of goods across the country, resulting in the tripling of prices in grocery stores and even empty shelves in many places.  President Giammattei said he will not remove Porras from power. 

Arévalo has sought and received considerable international support for his electoral victory, including from the U.S.   Key individuals in the US Government have strongly denounced the efforts to undermine the election outcome.

Sowing Opportunities stands with the pro-democracy demonstrations in Guatemala.  We believe deeply in the peaceful democratic transfer of power and in the right of an anti-corruption party to finally, after 12 years of corruption, govern the country with the people’s voices.

While the country is at a standstill, the two villages where Sowing Opportunities works, in the remote area of the Eastern Highlands, do not rely on grocery shelves for their fresh produce and corn. 

22-day old corn plants in Chajmaic, Guatemala

They are growing it themselves, and even have enough to sell to their neighbors.  Thus, despite the demonstrations in the streets, Chajmaic’s and Salaguna’s economy are well, and able to sustain the families who are participating in Sowing Opportunities’ greenhouse agricultural project. 

Dolores Coc Icó, Avelina Florinda Choc Coc, granddaughter, at their family greenhouse in Salaguna, Guatemala

In January Sowing Opportunities will work with a third village.  Please join us in supporting this grassroots level that allows people to have control over their food source and economy.  Donate to Sowing Opportunities at


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