Celebrating Earth Day 2024

On Earth Day, we celebrate the successes that the people in the villages in Eastern Alta Verapaz are experiencing since January 2022.  

In each of the villages where Sowing Opportunities’ team has collaborated with the people to help them to develop their skills in agricultural production and leadership development, they have followed a similar path.

At first, there is disbelief, even though our team has been solicited to come to the village to help with their perennial food shortage problem, which is due to the lack of natural resources, extreme heat in the summer and severe flooding during the rainy season, rocky unfarmable soil, and the fact that no other organization has ever provided resources to the region.

Our expert agricultural engineer teaches the people how to build greenhouses at their home, starting with wood construction.  They add ground cover and roofing from the products that our project manager brings.  And, then they plant seedlings, based on their preferred plants.  The most popular of these is macuy – as well as corn.

The result – after only one month of growth – is that the participants have enough to eat and to sell, to sustain their families.  Cultivating their plants in greenhouses means that they can see explosive growth with little water, little soil, and little space, in a short span of time.  You can join us in these successes!  Donate at  .