The Story of Dominga in Sisbilhá, Guatemala


Dominga Ché Yaxcal is a midwife for the community of Sisbilhá. Not only is she a midwife, she is always available to people in need, especially when they are downhearted and alone. She feels her community to be her family. She leads by example, making her a true leader.

An example of her support of other women in the village is assisting Aurelia Choc, mother of five, to build her greenhouse.  Aurelia, whose husband left one year ago to try to get to the U.S., had given up in the face of her difficulties, trying to feed her family.  Dominga helped Aurelia to have hope.

Dominga is currently taking care of her husband’s father, who fractured his spine and cannot walk. She is seeking support to have a wheelchair donated to her and give her a better quality of life.

In order to send our team to the remote community of Sisbilhá, we rely on your donations.  You can help Aurelia, Dominga and the other mostly women-led families to have food security with your donation.  Thank you so much!