Against All Odds: One of 45

When our team arrived in Salaguna, Guatemala in January 2023, we had determined that we had the budget to work collaboratively with 30 new families in this second village.  To our team’s surprise, in this destitute village where most of the families are led by women, 15 additional women with their babies in tow approached us, pleading to be included.  With the generosity and ingenuity of Sowing Opportunities’ engineer and project manager, the additional women were included.

Maria Santos Cac Tiul was one of those 15.  She came running alongside the fence at the home of Delfina Cucul Chub, where the selected women had gathered.  With her were her 3-year-old daughter and her infant son whom she carried in a bedsheet, strapped to her back.  She paused, as her son was hungry, and she fed him from her breast.  Then, she continued and approached our team to ask to be included.  How could we not?

The women of Salaguna live against all odds, and the story of Maria Santos Cac Tiul is one of the women who do so.  She is a single mother, managing with her two young children, now able to feed them from her little vegetable patch.  It is due to the efforts of the Sowing Opportunities team that this is possible. These are blessings!

Please join us in helping women achieve sustainable food security for their children, against all odds.