Cultivating self-sustainability in rural Guatemala


Sowing Opportunities seeks to cultivate self-sustainability, education, and wellness in rural Guatemala – one village at a time.

We provide the tools for indigenous families in remote Guatemala to have safety and food security in their communities.


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Dolores Coc Icó, with her greenhouse and corn, on the slope of the mountain, Salaguna, Guatemala, February 25, 2023

Sowing Opportunities shares on International Women’s Day, March 8, 2023

Your donation to Sowing Opportunities makes our work together happen!

Our visit to Salaguna was a success!

We are in the midst of 2022-2024 Plans!

Innovative Solutions to create Sustainability, and help reduce Poverty and Malnutrition in Chajmaic, Guatemala


Phase 1A: Pilot project with individual greenhouses (2022)

 Phase 1B: Pilot Project Extension (2023) 

  • 30 families will participate in phase 1.


Learn about Sowing Opportunities’ successes in 2022 and our plans for 2023:

Our journey has shown us that you, yes, you! can make a difference​.  Your belief in​ our mission ​is helping the remote village of Chajmaic gain skills and tools to get out of extreme poverty.

Extreme poverty won’t end until we (all of us) choose to end it. We believe that together we can help one village at a time.

Sowing Opportunities Innovative Solutions Campaign, which started in 2022, has mapped out a 3-Phase plan to create Sustainability, and help reduce Poverty and Malnutrition in Chajmaic, Guatemala.

Phase II is underway.

Sowing Opportunities’ primary fundraising focus has been to help develop sustainability through agriculture

Details about the start of the mini greenhouses project are at this page.


READ THE COMPLETE DETAILS ABOUT Our Journey to the new village of Salaguna, January 2023:

On Sunday, January 8, 2023, our expert agronomist, Federico Arriola Cuéllar, and our project manager, Ricardo San José Roca, returned to the remote indigenous village of Chajmaic, Guatemala and began work in Salaguna, both in Eastern Alta Verapaz, to work with the participants on the sustainable agriculture project.


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Generations of women in Salaguna are learning how to grow corn in plastic bags in the rocky and mountainous terrain.


♥ Sowing Opportunities has an exciting challenge for you. The women of Salaguna have their corn and planting has begun.  They will learn how to build greenhouses next.

We are asking 45 people to come forward and donate $25 to give a much-needed gift to each of the 45 families.

Sustainability Projects

Water for Life

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Sol y Tierra Greenhouses

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Sustainable Greenhouse Farming

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2021 Annual Report

 2021 was a very active year for Sowing Opportunities.

We share our impact and support to the remote village of Chajmaic. Report available in English and Spanish


See our Events page for upcoming events.



In 2020 Sowing Opportunities delivered 12½ tons of groceries
to the people in a remote village to sustain them during
the Covid-19 pandemic and hurricanes/flooding. 


We are very excited to tell you about an opportunity to support our projects as well as indigenous Mayan artisans.


Now you can purchase beautiful handcrafted Mayan artwork at TheGallery@57. All the pieces are skillfully created by indigenous Mayan artisans. Your purchase of these goods directly benefits both the artisans through Guatemalan Fair Trade as well as Sowing Opportunities.

Your support of this work allows the artists to continue to create and also helps Sowing Opportunities to reach our goal of delivering groceries and supplies to the village .



What’s New – A GiveCamp 2023 Website Refresh

Donor-Advised Fund (DAF)

Your donations ensures the village of Chajmaic in rural Guatemala, cultivates self-sustainability, education and wellness Donate through a donor-advised fund ...
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Flood Relief

Flood Relief The situation is dire in Chajmaic, with rising waters and a swollen river, overflowing into the streets and ...
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Boston University Bostonia Class Notes, Winter-Spring 2023, March 27, 2023 Ryoichi Baba, MBA student at Babson University, published an article ...
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We appreciate your generosity. We are a 100% volunteer organization and all proceeds go directly to support projects.




Sowing Opportunities, Inc. seeks volunteers in the areas of fundraising, grant writing, online communications, marketing, accounting, and even pottery-making.  Apprentices welcome!

We are also currently looking to expand our Board of Directors.  If you have passion about social justice and knowledge about Central America, join us!



Sowing Opportunities, Inc. is interested in having conversations to discuss partnership and the fit between your company’s mission and ours. Does your corporation have a Corporate Social Responsibility mission for hunger relief, for health and well-being, for economic development through agriculture, and/or to secure and sustain agricultural water needs on a global level?



If you are interested in learning more or joining our board of directors, contact us!

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Featured Videos

  1. Watch Sowing Opportunities’ 1-minute video and find out how EARTH DAY can benefit a remote indigenous village in Guatemala.


  2. Thanks to you, the village received food!In 2020 we delivered groceries nine times to the village of 3,000 people, during the pandemic, and following hurricanes that devastated the area with flooding.

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