Presentation at The First Parish in Bedford, MA during First Sunday Share the Plate, October 1, 2023

Annie Gonzalez introduced me at 26:42 until 27:28 minutes. I spoke at 27:36 until 33:38 minutes.

Podcast with Amy Fazio, Your Nonprofit Power, Magnify Your Mission, July 6, 2023

Boston University Bostonia Class Notes, Winter-Spring 2023, March 27, 2023

Boston University Bostonia Class Notes, Winter-Spring 2023

Ryoichi Baba, MBA student at Babson University, published an article on Sowing Opportunities, Inc. on February 15, 2023 in a journal he founded with his classmates and alumni, Boston SEEDS:

Japanese version: 母として、教師として、地域を支えるNPO代表として活躍中の女性が語る、チャリティー大国アメリカの社会貢献活動の今

Also on this blog platform in Japan:

Comment from Marika, student in Global Education Course at Showa Tokyo:

      “I read this article. I learned more about you and NPO by reading this.

      “There are two things that left an impression on me.

       “First one is what made you decide to establish an NPO. I was wondering why you have so much passion. But after reading this article, I am convinced. I felt that what you saw with your own eyes and went there was the driving force behind it.

       “Second  is why you can meet their needs.  I believe that one of the reasons for success is to actually go to the place and experience it. I can’t be aware of people’s needs just by staying at home. I realized that I could go out, get information, understand their needs, and act for the benefit of those people.

      “I thought it was important to take ownership of the things around me and continue to act.”


Hear the February 6, 2023 podcast from Malden’s Urban Media Arts (UMA):

Comment from Karen Colón Hayes, @KCH Malden: “This was a beautiful story of ‘tikkun olam’  I learned this Hebrew phrase means literally ‘healing the world,’ in this podcast.”


Comment from Ose Schwab, UMA Podcast Interviewer: “This is a powerful story Fern…my heart is nourished by it and you and your team”


Learn about Sowing Opportunities’ successes in 2022 and our plans for 2023:

Thank you to The Malden Advocate for this story published on November 23, 2022 about Sowing Opportunities products at The Gallery@57 in Malden, Massachusetts:

Thank you to Kathryn Dickason, Simmons University for this story published on October 7, 2022 for Indigenous Peoples Day:

Thank you to Malden’s Urban Media Arts (UMA), formerly Malden Access TV (MATV), for this awesome interview at the June 4, 2022 Malden Summer Festival.  Sowing Opportunities’ interview begins at 5:39 minutes until 7:29 minutes (and Ginny Remedi Designs’ interview begins at 4:39 minutes until 5:39 minutes):

Fern Remedi-Brown narrates at the Melrose Farmers’ Market on August 18, 2022 about @Sowing Opportunities ‘ mission and what happens with the funds after people donate to receive a plant or buy a Guatemalan handicraft. Video shows samples of the plants and handicrafts available.  1:54 minutes (Videographer: Ginny Remedi-Brown)

Thank you to Revere Journal for the great write-up, including Sowing Opportunities, Inc. , at last week’s Revere Farmers Market!
¡Gracias a Revere Journal por el excelente artículo, incluido Sembrando Oportunidades, en el Revere Farmers Market de la semana pasada!

Sowing Opportunities was interviewed by Revere TV at the Revere Farmers’ Market 7/29/2022 (Fern begins speaking at 0:45 seconds):

How an Indigenous Remote Village in Guatemala Gained an Economy

Entering the remote, indigenous village of Chajmaic, Guatemala (May 2022)

Melrose Farmers’ Market video, promoting Sowing Opportunities!

See Sowing Opportunities’ recent Neighborhood View article and our recent newsletter email.

Sowing Opportunities is raising funds for greenhouses to sustain the families through food and income.  Details at Sol y Tierra: Greenhouse Workshop Project.

The history of the water pump system is detailed at Water for Life Project.

Groceries for Christmas in Chajmaic, Guatemala (video in English), December 2020
Sowing Opportunities professional video (English, November 2019)


Video profesional de Sembrando Oportunidades (Español, Noviembre 2019)

Video profesional , Español






Sowing Opportunities video (from the bike-a-thon, 9/15/2018)