Our Projects

A home in Chajmaic
One of the homes in the village of Chajmaic
The village of Chajmaic, located in the hills of central Guatemala, is facing some big challenges.  Sowing Opportunities now has a goal, led by the residents of the village, to set up a greenhouse workshop, using a filtered water system, and include reliable healthcare.

They have been physically isolated by their remote location, culturally isolated due to their heritage, and financially isolated by a lack of resources and education. The people there have been living there for hundreds of years, long before the Spanish arrived in the Americas, but they have become a forgotten people and face many struggles to survive.

The river nea Chajmaic
The villagers rely on the river as their only source of water.

Due to lack of infrastructure and education, many of the men in the village are struggling to find employment. The few that have found jobs must travel to farms in other communities for weeks at a time making only about $10/day. The travel and low pay means they not only spend most of their time away from their families, but also doesn’t provide enough money to reinvest in their village.

The lack of clean water and reliable food has created health problems throughout the community and there are few options for healthcare. The local clinic can provide basic first aid, but isn’t prepared to treat serious injuries or illnesses. The next closest option is a clinic 30 minutes away, but the journey is difficult due to lack of transportation and passable roads. If any of the villagers require treatment at a hospital, they much travel over 4 hours.

A family in Chajmaic
Creating a supportive environment for raising and educating children is especially challenging.

The people of Chajmaic want the opportunity to provide for their community, build a better home, and provide a brighter future for their children. Sowing Opportunities’ projects seek to support the people of Chajmaic as they overcome these formidable roadblocks, creating equity within their community. Our goal is to not only help the people Chajmaic cultivate a better future, but also develop the resources, programs, and experience to help other villages in the same situation.

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