Economy in the remote villages of Chajmaic and Salaguna, in Eastern Alta Verapaz, has begun!

May 2022:

Don Roberto T’iül’s harvest of quilete, May 2022

August 2022:

Joel Cu Coc’s son sells quilete to another inhabitant of Chajmaic, August 2022

January 2022:

Delfina Cucul Chub with her early stage corn in the village of Salaguna, January 2023

Delfina’s plan is to learn in order to teach other women.  She wants to set up garden production in order to support the children in her village of Salaguna.

There is the possibility of selling her and other women’s products to the school, according to the law, this is called “Local Production” use.  But this is only one of several opportunities that they are hoping for.

February 2023:

María Leticia Caal Pan at her home-based shop in the village of Chajmaic, February 2023

With the funds raised through sale of vegetables at her greenhouse (started March 2022), Lety has been able to maintain her home-based shop, sell home-cooked meals, and to set up a chicken coop (innovatively located under her greenhouse), which gives her additional income.