Salaguna Corn in Beginning Phase, January 20, 2023

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According to Federico and Ricardo:

The response of the folks in Salaguna is impressive – really, it’s extraordinary.

The corn is already starting to grow. And, now they’re beginning to work on building the greenhouse beds. There are no men in the village, and things are working out amazingly.  The bags are necessary because of the rocky soil and mountainous terrain.  The enclosures are to prevent animals from eating the corn kernels before they grow big and strong.

Generations of women are learning how to grow corn in plastic bags in the rocky and mountainous terrain.
All of the participants eagerly participated: young…
…and elderly
…and even those with young babies in arms …
… and those who had been disheartened
Here, you can see the mountainous terrain …


… and rocky soil
And, nevertheless, the women worked tirelessly …
… and even into the night