Mini Greenhouses, Week 1, 2022

 Building the Greenhouse Beds

Ricardo reported that the 30 participating families were “fired up” after the orientation session on March 20-21 and during the first week, they built their greenhouse beds at each of their homes.  In fact, they were so excited about the work and the hope that it would bring, even working into the night, that what was planned to be completed within one month was completed within one week!  Take a look at the photos of the families, excited about the greenhouses!

See our April 2, 2022 newsletter for additional information.

As you can see, the wood used is what is available, and not uniform for each greenhouse. This was one way that costs were kept low.

They are excited to build the beds!  

… and now, here are the seedlings that will be added to those beds:

Here is Ricardo’s description of the situation in Chajmaic:

It seems that we are not going to be harvesting when you arrive on May 4th.  The process is going to take longer because they are eagerly asking for corn, and we are not going to deny them.

We don’t need more money than budgeted, and Federico saw this coming because of his experience in villages with so much malnutrition and hunger.

The only thing is that I will have to invest more time than scheduled, but we cannot hold people back because they are so eager to get ahead.

In addition, Federico will stay a couple more days than originally planned, for the same salary, and at the speed we are going, we will cover much more content and teach more about planting than previously planned, and Federico is just as excited as everyone there, so I can tell you that we are doing better than good.