Mission, Vision, Goals, and Core Values

Our Mission

Sowing Opportunities seeks to cultivate self-sustainability, education, and wellness in rural Guatemala.

Sowing Opportunities is building agricultural capacity, resources, and leadership in remote indigenous villages in Guatemala.

The indigenous in Guatemala have experienced genocide for hundreds of years.  It is important to preserve the indigenous existence, to honor and assist them to prevent extinction.



1. Set up a system to access water for the village, with 3 milestones: water accessibility, water filtration, water hygiene education

2. Set up a greenhouse farming project, teach people how to plant and cultivate their land

3. Teach about the benefits of Greenhouses and how it contributes to the nutritional well-being of their families and economic possibilities of selling the produce


Sowing Opportunities’ vision is to assist destitute villages in Guatemala in gaining access to clean water for basic needs and cultivation of their land, which will help them to become secure with daily food as well as having a livelihood of producing and selling vegetables to the other villages, thereby giving them an opportunity for economic growth.

We Embrace Five Core Values to Do This Work 

  • Doing peace and justice work
  • Creating equity
  • Respecting life
  • Empowering one another
  • Community cultivation
Chajmaic, May, 2015

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