Update on August 2022 visit is at this webpage and at this email.

Sowing Opportunities’ project manager, Ricardo San José Roca contacted Fern Remedi-Brown on Wednesday, July 13, 2022.  He talked with both our key contact, Lety Gómez, in the remote indigenous community of Chajmaic, Guatemala and with our engineer Federico Arriola Cuéllar

Details and photos are in our most recent newsletter, “The next phase of the project…in Chajmaic, in just two weeks!

Lety says it’s raining a lot in Chajmaic.

Our contact in Antigua, Evita Castillo de San José, sent this video from Meteorología GT regarding the highway Franja Transversal del Norte – the route between Río Dulce and Fray Bartolomé de las Casas.

Fortunately, the rain hasn’t risen to the levels of the greenhouse beds in Chajmaic. 

To get a clear view of the greenhouse beds, see Fern’s Travelogue from May 2022.

Federico says that he and Ricardo need to travel to Chajmaic for a two-week visit in early August for 5 reasons:

  1. Check the 30 families’ greenhouse beds, begun in March 2022 – how are they growing? who needs help?
  2. Check the health of the people. Weigh and measure the children
  3. How is the market?  To get a sense of the harvest, see this link.
  4. Give them bags to grow more corn.  Click here to see how the corn has grown since May 2022.
  5. Select 30 additional families to begin in January 2023

Ricardo and Fern worked out a budget for this trip.  We need to send funds this week and next so that Ricardo can begin to purchase supplies.

We currently have $1,000 less than this in the account. 

Funds are in large part due to the markets that Ginny and Fern Remedi-Brown have been doing every week (1-2 markets per week), selling plants and Guatemalan handicrafts. 

We need to have the additional $1,000 within the next two weeks.

We are buoyed by the fact that about $250 was raised at the Malden Summer Festival on Saturday, July 16th and that another $250 was sent on July 16th through online donations.

To reach the additional $500 necessary, we are setting up a Facebook challenge event, asking 25 people to donate $20 and to ask a friend to do so, as well, to help us to have enough for this important trip.