Greenhouse progress in Salaguna and Chajmaic, February 25, 2023

Dolores Coc Icó stands by her greenhouse and corn with the mountain rising behind her
Delfina Cucul Chub stands between her two lush greenhouses
Sofía Caál Xol breastfeeds her baby at the greenhouse she built and cultivated
Carmen Choc Choc with her greenhouse and the Cahabón River behind









Sofía Quib Tiul stands with her two lush greenhouses



Dominga Coc Pop stands with her greenhouse with enormous rocks and the mountain behind her                        

Ermin Tzul Chub smiles with her two children between her two greenhouses with the mountain behind her

Concepción Macz Choc stands between her two lush greenhouses in Salaguna

María Leticia Caal Pan stands by her lush greenhouses in Chajmaic