Meeting the 30 new families (November 2022)

Additional details are in these emails, November surprise…for Phase 2 of the Greenhouses Project and Two villages will receive agricultural…sustainable solutions in January 2023!

The origin of Phase 2 (January 2023) is detailed at this page: Mini Greenhouses, January-March 2023

Sowing Opportunities’ Ricardo San José Roca had funds allocated from the August trip and he sent our Agricultural Engineer, Federico Arriola Cuéllar to Chajmaic for 3 days at the end of November to vet the 30 new participant families to understand their level of commitment.  They are getting to know him and he them, so that a relationship of trust will be established when he and Ricardo go on January 8.  Here are photos of that visit:












When Ricardo and Federico travel to Chajmaic on January 8 to start Phase 2, they are going to bring seedlings for different crops for both the first 30 families and also for the second 30 families. 

Ricardo said that he is working extremely hard to get everything achieved within budget because of increased costs due to global inflation of costs of goods.  

When Federico returned back home, he communicated with Ricardo that the 30 new families are in another village!  Here are details of that story.

Fern has made arrangements to be in Chajmaic on March 15, 2023.  Ricardo said that when she arrives, there will be 60 greenhouse beds ready for harvest.  This is very exciting!   March 15 – and March 20 – are also significant dates in our family’s history.  Both Fern’s mother’s mother and her father – who both came here as refugees – were born on those dates.  They made their way from having nothing but the clothing on their backs and found their way. 

There is a poem that we read every Friday night in our religious services during the Amidah prayer which says (paraphrased):

With God’s power, those who have been forgotten are receiving because they are human.

The rains that can be so punishing are allowing hopes to flower, to give the families the strength to rise up toward the sun and to gain power over their own lives, to stand upright, to walk in the garden of a purposeful life, in touch with the power of the world.

This feels very fitting for Chajmaic and for all those who have pushed through enormous challenges to right their lives.