Life in the Mountains

Q’eqchi’ communities’ identity is connected to and their culture is deeply related to the mountains, especially in terms of their religion, such as with mountain spirits, dating back to pre-colonial history. (Wilson, pp. 13-14)

View from the top of a mountain in the remote indigenous village of Chajmaic, Guatemala, looking down at the Río Cahabón below (photo by Ricardo San José Roca)

Before the armed conflict of 1960-1996 in Guatemala, the Q’eqchi’ people lived in arable land in the mountains where they lived off the land, using agricultural techniques handed down for generations. 

Indigenous rural land rights and governmental decisions resulted in the inhabitants being forced to move from their traditional territories to remote regions of Alta Verapaz (Knowlton) which are inarable due to their rocky soil and mountainous terrain.

As a result, traditionally passed down farming techniques do not work here , and it was only when they learned the new techniques of greenhouse farming, implemented by Sowing Opportunities in March 2022, that allowed their crops to flourish and they are producing food that maintains the health of the people. 

Thus, the people are beginning to adequately feed their families and establish an economy.  Therefore, this project is making a difference in ways that can be replicated throughout the region.

You can find only scant information on the remote villages of Guatemala because hardly anyone has helped these sectors, mainly because of the distance and how very difficult it is to get there, so there are not many willing to take on these challenges

Sowing Opportunities is working collaboratively with Habitat for Humanity Guatemala to establish a gathering space for safety and learning so that Sowing Opportunities can dedicate more time to being in the area and develop our team and skills to support our greenhouse agricultural project.

We are raising $13,000 to buy a parcel of land to build this gathering space and you are an important part of this process.  We need your help in making this a reality!

When I witness the harvest in the villages of Chajmaic and Salaguna in March 2023, I will be bringing funds for much-needed cookware so that the people can cook soup and corn tortillas safely, using the new vegetables and corn that they are growing. 

Lety starting a fire for cooking

You can be part of this game-changer for people in forgotten regions who are learning new techniques for surviving on their land, and remaining in their homes.

Thank you for being a positive life force in this historical moment.  Your donation is creating justice for all.  This is Tikkun Olam, repairing the world.

Your donation in any amount is deeply appreciated.