March 2024 update: Amazing developments in the remote indigenous villages in the Guatemala Highlands

The mostly women-led projects are developing at a rapid pace, thanks to the dedication of Sowing Opportunities’ team on the ground in the region, and the tireless and motivated efforts of the participants.

They are truly participating in “on the job training,” where they practice what they have learned and receive instruction and evaluation from the expert agricultural engineer and support from the social worker and project manager.

They are even working into the night.

Women work while caring for their young children.

You can see the pride on their faces and the new hope that they are embracing.

It is thanks to caring friends like you that all of this is possible, in an area in which no governmental or nongovernmental organization has ever provided resources.

Thank you for making “the impossible,” possible, and for truly contributing to repair this world.

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Photo: Aurelia Chub Pop, single mother. Álvaro Enrique, one year old.