How Sisbilhá, Guatemala waters its greenhouses (March 2024)

A video message from Fern Remedi-Brown, Executive Director of Sowing Opportunities who just returned from visiting the village of Sisbilhá in the Eastern Highlands of Guatemala:

What was surprising is how the women have used their ingenuity to apply agricultural techniques that they learned to feed their families and develop an economy, such as growing vegetables and raising chickens.

Their vegetables were very impressive – grown in the greenhouses with less soil, less time, and less water needed than in a field.

The growth of the vegetables is after only one month with minimal access to water.

What was most surprising was their one source of water, for watering their greenhouses as well as for other needs. They use an ancient Maya technique, with a bucket that is sent over 65 feet below earth to collect water that runs off the mountain. They then walk ¾ of a mile back to their homes with a jug, usually carried on their heads.

Your contributions are what make it possible for the people of the villages of Chajmaic, Salaguna and Sisbilhá to have food security where they previously had only hunger and desperation.  Your help will allow us to work towards a water accessibility solution for this community with hopes of moving forward.

Thank you!

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